I understand that finding the right therapist is a direct reflection of your investment, time, energy and money in getting the help you need. It can be exhausting to teach, educate, and inform someone new about your world, your upbringing, and your values. I freely offer this section to highlight:

  • Tools and offerings you will benefit from when working with me
  • My professional philosophy and values
  • Common characteristics shared by successful clients
Sex therapy; counselling; relationship

Sex therapy; counselling; relationship

tools & offerings

I believe everyone is doing the best they can with the tools they have. Transformation and change can take place when we notice what we are trying to build and share resources accordingly. I offer:

  • An open-minded, safe, and inclusive environment to be heard
  • Community resources, groups, and organizations tailored to your goals
  • Concrete tools and strategies to better manage common realities (low mood, anxiety, overwhelming emotions, grief, loss, pain)
  • Specialized training in Relationship Counselling & Sex Therapy to improve intimacy and connection in your relationships (Learn more)
  • Individual and group facilitation experience with teens and young adults
  • A caring, compassionate and professional relationship working for you

philosophy & Values

I was born, now live, and continue to work and to play on the unceded and traditional territories of the Coast Salish peoples. I welcome people of all races, genders, sexual orientations, and experiences, and I commit to expanding my education, awareness and solidarity in and around issues of privilege and social justice. I value:

  • Honesty: Real talk gets all of us more of what we need
  • Laughter: The joyful glue that binds people together
  • Curiosity: Acknowledge ignorance; be courageous to learn more
  • Sexuality: Real relationship to self invites strong relationship to others
  • Community: Embrace the people that love you the way you deserve
  • Expression: Show up and be whatever you want to be.

common characteristics of successful clients

People often ask me: "Who are you best suited to serve?" From experience, I simply reply, "Those that are most ready to work". If you would like to maximize our time together, I notice three common strengths in clients:

  1. Show up ready to work: Counselling only accounts for 1 of the 168 hours in a week. Take advantage of the other 167 by taking an active role in the plan we create together.
  2. Be open to doing it differently: If we are on a bus, you are the driver. By starting this work, you have already begun the journey. Changes in direction may feel challenging from time to time. I am here, checking our progress along the way.
  3. Assert your needs: How do you approach solutions? Do you prefer concrete action or big ideas? Do you embrace immediate change or need time to process? Let's practice clear communication and boundaries together. I welcome your feedback. 

ready to take action?