We live in a world with many conflicting messages, attitudes, and values around sex. While some of us are raised with openness, transparency, and a welcome stance towards curious questions, many of us experienced defensiveness, anger, and shame around our bodies, thoughts, fantasies, desires, and urges. Chances are that if you are here reading this page today, the messages you heard about sexuality are no longer - or perhaps have never - resonated.

sexuality; lgbtq; queer; kink; sex therapy; relationships; intimacy; passion; desire

If you have ever felt bad, guilty, or ashamed because of your sexuality, sex practices, or relationships, you are welcome here. I practice from a sex-positive, LGBTQ+-affirming, and kink-aware approach and you may safely address any topic with me.

As a sex therapist, I offer a confidential space to: 

  • Discover balance in sexual desires and practices
  • Return to dating and new relationships after experiencing life changes
  • Address challenges with performance, erectile control, orgasm, arousal, or ejaculation
  • Spark passion, desire, and excitement from feelings of "stuck"
  • Deepen intimacy in loving relationships through direct, body-aware communication
  • Build trust with new or familiar partners with consideration of trauma, challenge and infidelity 

I offer specialized expertise in sex therapy, backed through completion of 165 hours of experiential training through the Certificate in Sex Therapy program offered at the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS).