Relationships provide rich opportunities for growth and evolution. In periods of difficulty, many couple's wonder:

  • Why do we keep missing each other?
  • Do we really belong together?
  • How can we shake out of this rut?
  • Are we doomed to play these patterns out?

What we learn early, we tend to repeat until we are seen, shown, and loved otherwise. Though, it may feel overwhelming, many people are simply missing the knowledge, skills, and strategies that both nourish and stoke the fires of relational aliveness.

I offer a dynamic, playful, and challenging space for partner's and couple's to:

  • Acknowledge and take accountability for the unique gifts and challenges each partner brings to the relationship.
  • Create, negotiate, and implement relationship contracts and agreements.
  • Restore & affirm shared values & life practices.
  • Try on & adopt mindful communication to break through stuck conversations.
  • Enjoy sex & intimacy more meaningfully in the present, and as is.
  • Understand, with special awareness to sensation & physiological arousal, how we react, respond & re-TURN to each other.