offering in-person, phone & Video counselling

Each person, partnership, and family unit is unique. I offer a range of session lengths to facilitate the most potent transformation and reflection opportunities for you. If you would like to coordinate a package of sessions, please browse the options below!


The “Standard” - $125

60-Minute Counselling Session (GST included in price)

The most standard and popular session length - well suited to individual counselling, and most couple's and family concerns.

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The “Little Extra” - $150

75-Minute Counselling Session (GST included in price)

Sometimes 60 minutes just isn’t enough. Feel welcome to opt for a "little extra" time to meet your needs - great for couples and families!


The “Extended” - $190

90-Minute Counselling Session (GST included in price)

Designed to allow an in-depth conversation and experiential practice. Great for couples and families looking to try out new skills & strategies in session!

Discounted Package Rates:

Three, 60-minute sessions: $350
(Save $25).

Five, 60-minute sessions: $550
(Save $75).

Ten, 60-minute sessions: $1125
(Save $125).

Discounted Package Rates:

Three, 90-minute sessions: $495
(Save $75).

Five, 90-minute sessions: $825
(Save $125).

Ten, 90-minute sessions: $1710
(Save $190).

Discounted Package Rates:

Three, 75-minute sessions: $400
(Save $50).

Five, 75-minute sessions: $650
(Save $100).

Ten, 75-minute sessions: $1350
(Save $150).

Package Rate Conditions

Packages must be prepaid and are non-refundable. You have up to one year to use your sessions. If you purchase a counselling package and want to claim the cost through an extended health plan, please note that most plans do not allow you to claim for prepaid sessions (i.e. sessions which have not yet occurred).  As a result, I will divide the cost of the package by the number of sessions and write you separate receipts for the date of each session. For example, if you purchase three, 90-minute sessions for $495, I will issue 3 receipts for $165, with each receipt dated for and issued at the time of each session.


Extended Benefits & Additional Coverage

Your extended benefits may cover the services of a Registered Clinical Counsellor. Additionally, if you have an active case with ICBC, your benefits may cover Clinical Counselling.

Crime Victim’s Assistance Program (CVAP)

If you are the victim of a reported crime, I may be able to see you through the Crime Victim Assistance Program. Please contact your claims coordinator to verify the extent of your coverage.

First Nation’s Health Authority (FNHA)

The FNHA offers a diversity of short-term to long-term counselling options for individuals and families impacted by Residential Schools and/or affected by the ongoing issue of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women. I am a registered provider and can interface with the FNHA to determine your eligibility.

Employee & Family Assistance Program (EFAP)

I am a registered provider for the Arete Employee and Family Assistance Program ( Please contact your human resources department and/or Arete HR to verify.

A Final Note on Sliding Scale

With respect to financial barriers in the community: I prioritize sliding scale for folks of colour, trans* and gender diverse folks, single parents & individuals on fixed incomes, lower-resourced youth, people with disabilities, and newcomers/refugees. My capacity to offer lower-cost counselling is dependent on the delicate balance of individuals, families, and couples accessing my services through the various funding groups listed and by those paying full cost for service. If I cannot accommodate you, I will happily connect you with other colleagues, organizations, and associations in the community that can.